About Us
Technikos Information Development, LLC

Adding Value & Intellect

At Technikos Information Development, LLC, we incorporate user analysis to understand the intended audience, documentation type, and format. Our specialists interview you to know your requirements and keep you well informed through the process to ensure the documentation meets your expectations.

We are also recognized as information developers, documentation specialists, documentation engineers, and technical content developers.

Our Founder

With over 25+ years of experience, Ora Gibson founded this company in 2007 to offer quality technical writing and editing services. She is a competent technical communicator specializing in taking hard-to-understand information and putting it into layman's terms.

Technikos Information Development, LLC

From Start to Finish

Having worked her way up from writer, team lead, information developer, project manager to owner, she knows how to deliver quality services. Ora adds strong management skills and practical collaborative efforts, which other companies don’t offer. She effectively manages the documentation cycle from beginning to end for the best outcomes.